Uniquely Handmade Art and Candles

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To hire me for a personal piece, contact me by email.

What it Means to have an Original

What you are getting when you order from me is something special. Something that was made with care down to the frame. Not to mention you are supporting a small business. Original pieces hold their value and you are getting mine at a very affordable price. If you decide to order a print, you are getting one of very high quality. The silk paper will never stick to glass. I also offer my services to getting them professionally framed by one of the best frame shops here and will ship it to you if you would like all the work done for you. Make sure to email me for that service if desired.

My name is Trisha Leggon and I am the artist of this page. I'm a native of Harlem, New York but was adopted at the age of 12 and raised in Georgia. I am a veteran wife and a mother of five. Everything is made by me, including the frames. Welcome!

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